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22.09.2009. APOCALYPTICA Open for NIGHTWISH's Final Concert in Helsinki


One of Finland's most photogenic quartets, APOCALYPTICA, opened for NIGHTWISH's final show on September 19th 2009 at Hartwall Areena in Helsinki.




17.09.2009. ShutterBLAST off to Helsinki, updates and next shows

2009 has been the busiest year ever, since we started to specialize in music photography.  


With NINE festivals covered this summer in Germany, Finland and Austria, several shows a week, many of which special abroad events such as Finnish Metal Expo in Helsinki, Eluveitie’s album release party in Zürich or Emilie Autumn’s show in Vienna, we are on the road almost every week. On top of being one of the most active event photographers in the Munich area, we are also being requested for promotional photography all over Europe (UK, Finland, Germany, Austria, etc). This explains why you may have noticed a lag between the date of an event and its anouncement on ShutterBLAST. Fear not, all the photos will eventually be uploaded, but we need to work on commissioned jobs first before we can work on free-lance projects. 

Thanks to all of you, the word is spreading and we are proud to see that we are now being recognized and requested all over the universe of heavy metal! 

So, what’s been cooking in the ShutterBLAST kitchen of late? Here you can see a list of the festivals that we’ve covered this year followed by a list of the live shows that will be available on ShutterBLAST soon. 


Featured Festivals:

  • Ragnarök Festival, Lichtenfels, Germany
  • Summer Nights Festival, Mining am Inn, Austria (exclusive on-stage photos of many bands – Eluveitie, Alestorm, Ensiferum, etc)
  • Sauna Open Air, Tampere, Finland (exclusive on-stage photos of Finntroll)
  • Provinssi Rock, Seinäjoki, Finland
  • Sonisphere Festival, Hockenheim Ring, Germany (Featuring Metallica and the Prodigy)
  • Wacken Open Air, Wacken, Germany (exclusive on-stage photos of Turisas)
  • Summer Breeze Open Air, Dinkelsbühl, Germany (main photographer for a mainstream magazine, over 45 bands shot!)
  • Paganfest 2009 (exclusive on stage pics of Swashbuckle, and exclusive on stage pics of Ex Deo’s first live show ever)
  • Metal Invasion, Ruhrsdorf, Germany (exclusive on-stage pics of Norther and Finntroll)


Soon to be uploaded shows:


  • AC DC in Munich
  • Emilie Autumn in Vienna
  • Fiddler’s Green in Ulm
  • Subway to Sally in Munich

ShutterBLAST has already been fully booked out for the next weeks entirely, be it new sessions or events. If you would like to book us, be quick, space is now limited ! 



Here is a list of shows that we will cover still in 2009 (possibly subject to change) 

  • Metal Invasion Festival 3, Featuring Norther and Finntroll
  • Nightwish’s homecoming show in Helsinki Hartwall Areena, final Nightwish show after 2 years of touring, featuring Apocalyptica and many other surprises!
  • Tarja Turunen
  • Amorphis
  • Deathstars
  • Ensiferum
  • Behemoth
  • Paradise Lost
  • Sonata Arctica
  • Sunrise Avenue
  • Etc…


Hope to see you at some of these shows and thanks to everyone for the birthday wishes ! 

06.09.2009. HEIDENFEST 2008 - COMPLETE Tour Report Online


The HEIDEFEST across Germany and Austria was one of the biggest jobs we got last year. The photos have been published in various media in print and online all over Europe last year but we didn't yet have a chance to announce it on


Now you can find the most MASSIVE and complete tour report ever put online. Featured bands are FINNTROLL, Primordial, Enslaved, Eluveitie, Equilibrium, Eiseregen, Catamenia and Manegarm. 


Click here for a COMPLETE tour report, in clickable thumbnails to the individual galleries. Make sure you have enough time ahead of you here, there are thousands of photos, you might want to grab a sandwich before you begin!


Click here for




03.09.2009. SUNRISE AVENUE at Provinssi Rock Open Air


One of Finland's largest and oldest rock open air festivals featured Germany's favorite Finnish band SUNRISE AVENUE.



Seinäjoki, June 14th 2009

01.09.2009. SAUNA OPEN AIR - Day 1


ShutterBLAST now completes the upload of all bands shot on Day 1 of Sauna Open Air festival in Tampere, Finland, on June 5th 2009.










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