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25.02.2011. ORPHANED LAND Turkish Tour Report published in Metal Hammer


My tour report of the Orphaned Land trek in Turkey this winter is now online on Metal Hammer's front page. Click on the thumbnail for the version in English or go to their website for a version in German.


The report includes also a photo gallery, the setlist, and a video of the acoustic show at the Ticaret University.


Orphaned Land, Audrey Dujardin, Turkey, Israel Metal, Estarabim, Century Media, kobi farhi

24.02.2011. EPICA in Lyon


I've been doing a lot with EPICA and MAYAN for the last months, here is another gallery from EPICA's Autumn European tour 2010.



Le Transbordeur, Lyon, France - October 30th 2010

audrey dujardin, mark jansen, epica, after forever, mayan

audrey dujardin, mark jansen, epica, after forever, mayan

audrey dujardin, mark jansen, epica, after forever, mayan , simone simons

07.02.2011. Cruise Ship Terror


I've been sent to Miami and the Caribbean to cover the 70 000 Tons of Metal Cruise sailing between Miami, Florida, and Cozumel, Mexico. All the photos can be found in many print magazines and newspapers all over the world but here are some low - res pics for you to enjoy.


Twilight of the Gods



Korpiklaani (in Hawaiian shirts)



Unleashed (feat Alan of Promordial)



Ensiferum outdoors



Ensiferum Indoors



Iced Earth






Blind Guardian (feat Kai Hansen of Gamma ray & Jon Schaffer of Iced Earth)












Amon Amarth












Epica indoors



Epica outdoors


03.02.2011. 70 000 Tons of Metal publication in Germany's Die Welt


One of Germany's main daily newspapers 'Die Welt' used one of my photos in its yesterday issue to illustrate a full page article written by the editor of Metal Hammer magazine himself. See a thumbnail below:


02.02.2011. Just a nice little note


As you've noticed, I've been off the roads for a while, other than my fantabulous trip to Miami and Mexico on the 70 000 Tons of Metal Cruise, working with old friends like Finntroll, Ensiferum, Epica, Blind Guadian and so on.


Photos of the event will be available soon in a number of publications but I just thought I would share with you something lovely that I found on the internet by accident. A young lady from Portugal has drawn portraits of me. I am truly flattered that anyone would take the time to sit down and draw me but in any case, it's extraordinarily nice to know I've at least hopefully inspired ONE person. So, to Maria, YOU ROCK! See a link to her website by clicking the thumbnail below.


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