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23.02.2009. DEATHSTARS in Helsinki, TURISAS and DRAGONFORCE in Munich


Always on the road, ShutterBLAST travelled from Stuttgart to Nürnberg to Helsinki and back to Munich for your viewing pleasure.


Below are photos of TURISAS and DRAGONFORCE live in Munich on the 16th of February 2008 at Backstage, and Sweden's DEATHSTARS during the Helsinki Metal Meeting festivities in Helsinki at legendary club Tavastia on the 13th of February 2008.





23.02.2009. Help needed, calling all metal fans!



Dear Metalheads,


It's the time of the year to work on how to improve ShutterBLAST. For this delicate task, we need your help!


  • Improvement section


ShutterBLAST has been online since early 2007. We'd like to know how you like the site, and what we can improve! Spontaneously tell us what your impressions are.

How's the browsing? Loading time? Selection of pics and bands? Layout? Are there things missing that you'd like to see on ShutterBLAST? Be creative, we'd love to hear from you!


  • FAQ Section


We are getting an increasingly high number of emails with requests of all sorts. These requests can often be answered simply by setting up a FAQ section... So here's your chance, ask us any and everything you want, there are no silly questions, only silly answers!


Do you want to know why we work with some bands more than others? Do you want to know how much our equipment costs? Who are our clients? How can you get our pictures? How long does it take to post process pics of a single show?


Just go crazy and drop us as many questions as you like!

Please send an email with 'ShutterBLAST Improvements' in the subject to to tell us what you think.


Thanks in advance to all for the support, see you on rock shows very soon!


Aune - Owner of


22.02.2009. PAIN in Stuttgart


One of the most influential people in the metal scene as we know it was rocking Stuttgart with his band PAIN. See Mister Tägtgren in action below with Pain in Stuttgart on the 10th of February 2009.







20.02.2009. Helsinki Metal Meeting


A busy week it was last week! After covering Pain in Stuttgart, Children of Bodom, Cannibal Corpse and Diablo in Nürnberg, we flew straight to Helsinki for some press work (expect many nice surprises with your altime favorite Finnish and Swedish bands).


We of course were present at long time partners NORTHER's signing session at the Century Media stand and at dear friend Kai Hahto's drum duel. Friends and business partners from near and far shared many a cider with ShutterBLAST, and we are proud to show you the off-stage photos below, as well as some of the bands present on day 2 of Helsinki Metal Meeting.










11.02.2009. LORDI in Munich


Whenever a Finnish band is in town, especially when this band wears zombie and monster costumes and has won the Eurovision, ShutterBLAST hurries to the photopit.


Here is LORDI at Munich Tonhalle, on February 05th 2009.







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