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09.01.2009. METALFEST part 2


After a 3 week holiday break in the great North, ShutterBLAST is back in business, publishing some more photos taken before the hiatus.


Below are pics of our second leg on the METALFEST, in Munich on the 12th of December 2008 at Backstage. 


Unfortunately, we were stuck at the Munich airport for several hours and missed Keep of Kalessin and Arsis. Next time guys!


Long time friend Thebon, vocalist of KEEP OF KALESSIN, volunteered to help us out and use ShutterBLAST's back up camera for some of the Mayhem photos. The MAYHEM folder contains 10% of photos taken by Thebon.








(including a few photos taken by Thebon of KEEP OF KALESSIN)





ShutterBLAST's "special guest photographer" Thebon of KEEP OF KALESSIN.



29.12.2008. MOONSORROW Official Canadian Tour Report


ShutterBLAST's long time partners MOONSORROW have cooperated with us on their last Canadian Tour and have provided one of the most complete tour reports ever published!


Vocalist Ville SORVALI took the time to pen down his impressions in detail while guitarist  Mitja HARVILAHTI pulled out his Canon EOS for some great photos!


Click HERE or on the image below for a complete report.




All photos courtesy of Mitja Harvilahti.

19.12.2008. SATYRICON, ZONARIA pics from Munich


Shortly before our Anti-Christmas break, we caught 'Anti-Christmas Part 1' (Satyricon, Zonaria) and 'Anti-Christmas Part 2' (Cradle of Filth, Gorgoroth, Moonspell, Septic Flesh). 


Here are the photos of part 1, taken in Munich Metropolis on the 18th of December 2008. Part 2 will come in a few days so stay tuned!



16.12.2008. Exclusive! Official DISMEMBER-AUGURY Tour Report


ShutterBLAST's overseas cooperations are bringing to you exclusively the official AUGURY-DISMEMBER tour report for their trek over Canada in November 2008!




The two bands set out for a tour over Canada in October/November 2008, here is the tale of their adventures, told by AUGURY's vocalist and guitarist, Patrick  Loisel, in the name of both bands and the photos are courtesy of Renaud Sakelaris.



Click at This location for the report.

10.12.2008. METALFEST in Bamberg

ShutterBLAST long time friends and partners ABORTED hopped on the festval tour METALFEST along with KEEP OF KALESSIN, THYRFING, MARDUK, KATAKLYSM and MORBID ANGEL.


Find pics of the festival in Bavaria on the 6th of December 2008 here:









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