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29.07.2007. ShutterBLAST to cover Wacken, New Galleries available


ShutterBLAST goes to Wacken!


ShutterBLAST has been granted the right to join the very short list of photographers to cover the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany.


Being the biggest exclusively Heavy Metal festival worldwide, access to the photopit is particularly restricted, but ShutterBLAST has been asked to cover the event!



New Galleries available!!


The ShutterBLAST website is now fully operational, with the launch of our non-music related galleries.


Go to the 'Others' galleries and see photos of Nature, Urban Landscapes, Portraits of friends, and other various shots...


We hope you enjoy these new galleries, and don't forget to vote!


Hirsch Garten

22.07.2007. Earthshaker 2007 over 600 Photos online!


ShutterBLAST has covered the last day of the 2007 Earthshaker Festival in Kreuth, Germany.


This was the occasion for another great collaboration with Finnish Melodic Death Metallers NORTHER who played along and let themselves be shot during the show and at their autograph session.




Other featured bands are







Hope you enjoy browsing over 600 new photos and don't forget to vote!


19.07.2007. ShutterBLAST to cover days 2 and 3 of the Earthshaker Festival in Nürnberg!


ShutterBLAST has been accreditated to cover the Earthshaker Festival 2007.


However, I am going to shoot especially NORTHER, and will not cover every single band playing on the festival. I hope to be able in addition to get photos of KEEP OF KALESSIN, WITHIN TEMPTATION, and CRADLE OF FILTH.



13.07.2007. Small bug fixed


As you may or may not have noticed, ShutterBLAST's counting system was also on vacation. Our Black Programmers have corrected the algorythm and now you can see the real count of photos on the page!


We are now making more sense, with over 12 900 photos for your viewing pleasure!

10.07.2007. Exclusive Interview of Metallysee Tour Manager JOEY SEVERANCE!


Joey Severance and ShutterBLAST met many years ago, in a far away land.


Today, ShutterBLAST publishes an exclusive interview with 'Superstar Joey Severance', one of the most famous people in the heavy metal industry in Europe.


Joey speaks about himself, life on tour, how to deal with daily problems and of course answers many questions about the cancellation of the Earthshaker RoadShock Tour this Spring.


Please click HERE to read the interview.

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