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19.08.2007. Photos of Summer Breeze online, Interviews of Finntroll and Moonsorrow to come soon.


ShutterBLAST covered the following bands at this year's Summer Breeze festival:




Also, ShutterBLAST carried out interviews of Finntroll and Moonsorrow for the next issues of Metal Sound.


Photos of the festival area can also be found here:




19.08.2007. Returning from Summer Breeze...


ShutterBLAST has returned from Summer Breeze in fairly bad condition.


Some circumstances made this a very difficult event. Fortunately, our friends were there to support us and allowed us to work properly.


Please take a moment to carefully read ShutterBLAST's THANK YOU list for the Summer Breeze festival. All people and companies mentioned KNOW WHY they are thanked.

First and foremost:

  • Tina.


Thank you in equal measure, and respect to:

  • Uwe and Gothic & Art
  • Gunnar and Metal Hammer
  • Markus and Iris and Sony Gun Records
  • Cynthia
  • Finntroll
  • Moonsorrow and friends
  • Dirk and Direct Management
  • Kathy and Nuclear Blast
  • Century Media
  • the French Connection

13.08.2007. ShutterBLAST to cover Up From the Ground Festival, and now on the official staff of METAL SOUND!


  • ShutterBLAST has been accreditated to cover the Up From The Ground Festival in Gemünden am Main!





  • ShutterBLAST now on the official staff of METAL SOUND, the print magazine from Serbia!

06.08.2007. Wacken Photos online, Summer Breeze, Children of Bodom and Pain Interviews...


  • Norther photos from Wacken!

ShutterBLAST has covered the Norther show at this year's edition of Wacken. Dozens of photos of the show are available, from the photopit and the stage.


ShutterBLAST would also like to salute the fans who showed up at the Norther signing session.



  • ShutterBLAST to cover Summer Breeze!


ShutterBLAST and partners will cover the next edition of the German Festival Summer Breeze. See you there!


  • Children of Bodom and Pain Interviews


Interviews conducted by ShutterBLAST at the last edition of the Tuska festival of the bands Children of Bodom and Pain will be published in the next issue of the print magazine Metal Sound... Check them out!!


29.07.2007. ShutterBLAST to cover Wacken, New Galleries available


ShutterBLAST goes to Wacken!


ShutterBLAST has been granted the right to join the very short list of photographers to cover the Wacken Open Air festival in Wacken, Germany.


Being the biggest exclusively Heavy Metal festival worldwide, access to the photopit is particularly restricted, but ShutterBLAST has been asked to cover the event!



New Galleries available!!


The ShutterBLAST website is now fully operational, with the launch of our non-music related galleries.


Go to the 'Others' galleries and see photos of Nature, Urban Landscapes, Portraits of friends, and other various shots...


We hope you enjoy these new galleries, and don't forget to vote!


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