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31.05.2010. Of Gore and Black Sails



Double trouble for ShutterBLAST! Within a couple of weeks we collaborated with the new guitarists of ABORTED on some endorsement photographs for their endorsement with IBANEZ guitars and we shot the new promo photos for Scottish Pirates ALESTORM. Check out some samples, and see what the bands have to say about working with us!





'Audrey has been shooting Alestorm for two and a half years now, and since day one she's been wonderful to work with on stage, always finding the best way to capture each member and moment(even joining in on the moments sometimes!) and off; she works harder than any photographer I have ever seen in the professional scene flying between festivals and shows constantly while still managing to pull out some amazing shots for hundreds of bands all over the globe! 

She doesn't have to show off or push her work in your face like many do, as it speaks highly for itself with many bands and artists(Including Alestorm) opting to use Audrey's shots over many others. When we needed a new shoot with a new twist, we had no other photographer in mind and Audrey came on board. Instantly getting the ball rolling and the new shoot turned out to be our best yet, a simple idea made even better by her talents.  

Simply put, Audrey is easy to work with, a lot of fun to be around and professional to a point that everyone should aspire to.' 
Dani Evans & Alestorm






'I met Audrey this last May for the first time when I did my first tour with Aborted. We met in Munchen where Audrey took the first ever photo session of the new band line up.
Audrey was absolutely remarkable to work with, I've done plenty of photo shoots with previous bands I've been in, but never have I met such an energetic and hands-on photographer. Audrey is extremely creative and communicative, and she knows exactly just what she wants, which is, in my opinion, the most important trait of a photographer (working with apes like us).'



28.05.2010. POWERWOLF, THE NEW BLACK pics from Munich Posted Online

ShutterBLAST shot the mysterious wolves of power and the non-pink band on the 27th of March 2010 at Munich Backstage.





22.05.2010. ALESTORM, BEHEMOTH on MetalFest

For the last two years, ShutterBLAST has been shooting Alestorm all over the UK, Finland, Germany and Austria. This time we were on the stage (yes, literally) during the MetalFest  2010 in Austria. We also covered the very rainy Behemoth show for as long as the camera could take. See below:





20.05.2010. SHINING and SIX FEET UNDER on MetalFest Austria

For the second time, ShutterBLAST teamed up with SIX FEET UNDER to cover the band's performance on and off stage at MetalFest Austria. SHINING from Sweden was also on our radar. See pics of both bands below.





19.05.2010. TYR on METALFEST Austria

Long time friends and partners TYR played on the MetalFest Austria in Mining am Inn on the 12th of May, 2010.



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