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27.09.2008. Exclusive - TURISAS Tour Diary - UK Tour with DRAGONFORCE

Hello Warriors!


Our friends TURISAS have agreed to reveal the secrets of their Tour together with guitar masters DRAGONFORCE!!


Check out the exclusive TOUR DIARY here, updates by Olli Vänskä, the band's rebel violinist! FUCK THE GUITAR SOLOS!




Audrey 'Aune' DUJARDIN - Owner of 




09.10. Glasgow - Scotland


In Glasgow. Another off-day! Well, at least it gives me time to write this stuff. Sitting in a bar called the Lord of the Isles. Nice and funky, although I don't understand shit about the local speech. No offense. Just got a meal in front of me. British beef and Abbot Ale pie. Mmm.

Yesterday's show in Newcastle was probably the best so far on this tour. Fed up with small stages (limited space for the supporter), we really were into playing on a bit bigger one. I was a bit tired/hungover (am I repeating myself?), but somehow it was actually really focused gig. So all cool with that. Decided to go sober for the night, so I just took a walk in the city at the middle of the night, saw some stupid fucks fighting in front of a night club, watched a bit of a French movie "36" and ended up planning some cool things for the upcoming tours. Ended up to bed too late again. The night before it happened at 7.30 am, now around 4 am (although I couldn't sleep). As Jussi said, there's something wrong with the country. Maybe it's the time difference (-2 hrs compared to Finland), Or then it's just a regular tour thing. 

Anyway, today in Glasgow, eating overpriced all-day breakfasts and Abbot Ale pie. Could be worse. 

Expecting a proper good gig tomorrow! 





02.10. Hemel Hempstead/ London

Sitting in a hotel room again. Another off-day. Relaxing but frustrating - these days are OK for writing delayed festival reports, watching LOST and whatnot, but they're fucking expensive.

Surprisingly, I'm tired and hungover again. Today is our accordion player Netta's 18th birthday, but as we knew we'd be lazying our asses off in a hotel somewhere behind God's eyes, we did all the partying a day in advance. Convenient. Of course we got the crowd singing a greeting song for her just before having a feast In The Court of Jarisleif. Then, after the show, we continued with vodka and beer, listened to Morbid Angel and talked shit with DragonForce and their crew till the early morning. Tude was very emotional, as he got to talk about Bal-Sagoth with Dave MacIntosh (how the fuck do you spell that name - don't even have Internet atm to check this shit).

So, after crashing into my bed at 6 a.m. I AGAIN finally woke up when our bus driver kicked me out of the bus. I really can't bother moving into a hotel room to sleep when in a middle of badly needed beauty sleep. Anyway, after that I've again spent the day in a usual off-day way (referring to my report from Cardiff). This is a kind of London suburb, I suppose. Ate a "Special Breakfast" in a decent bar along the shopping street, wandered around in a mall trying to find sneakers and got some shit food from a shit store. Got a phone call from Netta who had returned from her nightly adventures.

Fuck this shit.

OK, anyway, I quite enjoy this tour and I'm looking forward to the US leg as well. It's a good package band-wise and I really think we'll reach some new audience. And of course I think our performance is pretty strong. We probably wouldn't have toured the UK on our own again until the release of our 3rd Album™ as it wouldn't have made sense (because we've already been around here so much that the Brits would probably deep fry us and feed to their cats if we harassed them One More time). So, this tour makes sense then. At least we had a good excuse to come and eat those  shitty triangular sandwiches again.

Tomorrow is the first one of the two shows in London Astoria. Cool. This is our first "double show", although it's obviously more about DragonForce's fame than ours. We've done very well, too, nothing to shame about. I hope I won't break a string again - that happened in Cardiff a couple of days back. Also yesterday we finally got our "Fuck The Guitar Solos" spectacle/extravaganza on its tracks properly, and the audience kinda was into it. And - HAH! - I persuaded Herman Li to join me on stage and take a proper duel in one of the shows. Won't tell you the exact date, though, just bite your tongue and curse if you're not gonna attend to any of the coming shows.

I'm out now.



Sitting in a hotel room near Cardiff. It's a day off - meaning there's no show tonight. The past shows have been good, except that there are still some tech problems that will hopefully be solved before the next gig. Also, we've been talking about our live show structure: we've had this violin solo spectacle in the middle of our support set and it still hasn't found the exact form. We'll see if we're gonna keep it or save it to longer headliner sets.

I'm tired. We stayed up late with Nygård and some crew guys, had some beers, listened to Alamaailman Vasarat, a weird Finnish cello/saxophone/horns klezmer punk band and marvelled the miracles of one guy's sandal+bottle opener combo. It was awesome. I eventually woke up in the afternoon when the whole bus was empty and the driver was kicking me up so that he could lock the bus and go to have sushi. The rest of the day I spent in shower, listening to Satyricon. I wonder if the pizza I ordered will ever make it here - the guy at the other end hung up the first call and then when I called back to check the situation, he didn't have a clue who I was. Weird.

Enough for now. I will completely ignore the webmaster's request of the topics to be covered, maybe writing about those in a few days. Tomorrow Cardiff, after that Nottingham!






Hi folks, this is Olli from Turisas. On Audrey's request, I'm launching this tour mini-diary so that you get the touring point of view of the bloodiest violinist in metal!

In Birmingham now. A bit hungover and tired now, as we went to a bar yesterday night in Manchester with Mathias + Sam and Vadim (DragonForce). Had kebap @ Abdul's (well recommended, near the Academy).

So far we've played two shows: warm-up gig in Oxford and the "official" first one yesterday in Manchester. It's been good, despite some small technology problems and stuff. The new tech Gus and FOH Elmar have been doing an excellent job. Also the DF people & crew have been really cool, so I look forward to the upcoming shows. We'll be touring with these guys in the UK, Ireland, US and Europe so it's gonna be enough guitar solos and anti-solos for a lifetime, I assume.

Alrighty, I'm off to check out the mail and upload stuff also to our video blog @ - check that out as well (but don't forget Audrey)!

Cheers & nyrkkiä pyllyyn,





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